one hell of an ugly sheep!!!

In general, I find animals inoffensive to the eye with the exception of hyenas.  That is until today while I was out and about among the sheep.  It’s a small mercy that this particular sheep cannot  read  what I am going to say about him.  Because if he (or she) could he would be deeply offended.   Lucky for him  he has no delusions of vanity because, I have to blurt it out, he (or she) was the ugliest sheep I have ever met in all my born days.  In fact, he was so ugly that I couldn’t bear to look upon him for too long.  Hence the confusion about his sex.   I can only say that he was too ugly to be a female!!!!

It’s like as if he was being sheared one day and the machine broke down half way through the process  and the job was never finished.  Or maybe  he was an alopecia sufferer.  Whatever.  Part of his  hair (wool?) had come away from his body in clumps leaving behind a tangled and ragged mess and to add to the pathetic appearance he had gnarled spindly legs that looked as if they were not designed to hold up an overweight lump like that.

Now at the risk of insulting him further I have to insert another piece of information.  He was all alone – not one single other sheep within a forty foot radius of him.  I got to thinking that maybe his sheepy friends also had a poor opinion of him and then I started feeling very sorry for him.  I had words with one or two of the older sheep members and scolded them for excluding him from their company.  On that note I left them and continued on my way. Looking back once or twice  I  noticed that they still hadn’t tried to include him and in fact were continuing to ignore him.

So this type of bullying behaviour goes on in the sheep kingdom too, it seems.  Its a known fact that sheep are rather sheepish and don’t have much imagination or individuality about them and they always follow the leader and are very gullible creatures but I never thought they were also so cruel.  You learn something new every day.


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