Beans Beans, are good for the heart!!!

I wonder would Jack be happy with these beans and what kind of a bean stalk would be waiting him the next day.  I was tempted to throw them out the window myself and see if I’d be chasing giants on the following day.  But then I thought I’ll just wait by the window for some handsome prince to come along and sweep me away to some foreign lands.  I could throw him down a braid of my lovely long hair (i don’t think so) so that he could climb in through my window and rescue me and we’d live happily ever after.  Or I could just count my lucky stars that I don’t need rescuing nor do I need to go to some foreign land.  I have all I need right here right now, including my handsome prince.  And besides I’d like to keep onto my hair.  As for chasing giants well I think I’ll let the hen with the golden egg give him a run for his money!!!

I harvested these beans the other day and was in awe of them and their colour


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