keep off the dunes


Now you might as well put a packet of sweets in front of a child and say to them that sweets are bad for them and they are not to eat them “upon peril of their life”.  And then you leave the room and come back after five minutes and expect the packet to be unopened.  But what you see before you is a demon with a big grin on her face and a defiant look in her eyes and a mouthful of gunge drooling down her chin on both sides.  She’s ready to take on any punishment you might dole out for her.   And trying to forbid anyone to stay off the hill is a bit like this.  It invites one to climb up and rolll down again and do it all over again.  


The reasons for this notice might be based on some real need to protect the grass which in turn prevents erosion occurring but many a person would fail to see its purpose.  And the manner in which it is stated- “Nobody allowed on this hill”- is so final and so bossy that I’d say many a sort who doesn’t like commands would climb it just for the hell of it.


This place is the dunes at Fanore Beach in Co Clare, Ireland close to the burren region.


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