Glass of Carrot juice

carrot juice among the slate picture frames

You might ask if Heartworks has expanded and has started making juices as well as slate products or you might simply ask what the hell that carrot juice is doing in among the slate picture frames.  The second question would attract a guffaw and the first one a giggle.

Well in answer to the first question;- no way Jose.  We’ll just stick to making slate things, thank you very much.  And to anwer the second one will take a bit longer.  You see, it’s like this.  I’m not only a partner in Heartworks, I’m also Mauricio’s partner and mother of his children and the main bottle washer and nappy changer (not that there’s any nappies nowadays, what with two teenagers)and cleaner and food provider.  I take all my chores seriously and with regards to food provider I especially take that seriously.  There’s nothing like a freshly made juice of any kind, be it carrot and apple or beetroot and carrot or all three combined.  I try to make a juice for Mauricio, Miguel  and Shane at least once a week.  The latter two turn up their noses but Mauricio’s heart misses a beat and he taps his feet and rubs his hands together when he sees me coming with the juice.  This one in the picture had to wait to be drunk .  Mauricio did his usual, ie took out the camera, placed the juice in a “suitable” place and took a photo of it


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