old school desk

I did say before that I would blog about the other half of my last birthday present from Mauricio, Miguel and Shane.  So here it is


It’s an old school desk, the kind they had back in the sixties in primary school.  You know the ones with the ink wells?  Anybody out there remember?  And you kept your books inside under the table top?  And the pencils and crayons always fell off the desk when you attempted to put a book in or take one out because you forgot to put the offending object on the little groove especially designed to hold it?   And then before you had a chance to pick up that crayon some little foot was down on it like a hot potatoe crushing it into the floor

Surely you remember the desk.  The desk that had a great big lid on it that you could hide behind when you wanted to cheat with someone across the way?  Or you wanted to take a bite of the bun you brought to school for your lunch because you were so bored with what the nun was saying and eating might while away a few more minutes and help to keep your tummy from rumbling and making great big gurgly noises?

There were no mobile phones inside those desks, I can tell you.  Nor was your bag strewn on the ground tripping up passers-by.  There was no back answers given, no snide remarks passed to the nuns.  Oh No!!.  You knew too well how sore that cane coming down on your hand was going to be, the sting that lingered on for days.  How you hated the “ones” that got you in trouble for being too noisy or for making a racket while the teacher was out.  Or how you loathed the nun for punishing you all when only a few were the trouble makers.  More often than not, you, yourself were the culprit and then how you felt guilty for getting everyone else in trouble.

But I do digress.  We bought this desk in clara car boot sale a few years ago and just recently the lads took it out of the shed and painted it and varnished the woodwork and presented it to me as part of my birthday present.  Bowled over I was.  All the happy memories and not so happy memories came flooding back.  It’s amazing how a simple desk can mean so much and hold some strange enchantment over you.

Dare I say it.  Oh go on then!!!.  THEY DON’T MAKE DESKS LIKE THAT ANYMORE


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