raindrops keep falling on my head

Earlier this year I was pleading with the rain to come back from Spain.  That was when it was time to start planting potatoes and some vegetables.  I wished for a drop of rain to soften the very hard ground after a period of drought.  Well if I knew then that there was so much rain in store for us I might not have been so quick  with my wish.

Being an atheist or agnostic or whatever it is I am, I don’t pray for rain nor sunshine .   I don’t blame God when the grey clouds are coming down to meet the sodden earth and rain is pelting down.  Nor do I sing God’s praises when the sun comes out intermittently,  I just simply and quietly lap it all up relishing our  turn of fortune.  I often wonder has God, or the government or even the devil himself, put some drug into each drop of rain that falls in this country;  those serotonin-laden drops falling on our heads and seeping into our brain.  It’s a wonder  that the five million people in this country don’t put a gun to their heads after the “attacks” of rain that they sometimes have to endure. There’s no other explanation for the euphoric comments from passers- by when you’re walking in a sort of drizzle;  “lovely soft day, isn’t it”.  Yeah sure!? Not unless they put Comfort (fabric softener) in the drops!

Recently when the rain didn’t let up for the whole day I quite frankly got annoyed.  Annoyed because these days are the longest days of the year and we should be able to go out and enjoy them right up to sundown.  We should be out until 9.30 or 10.oo every evening.  We should be dragging in our children by the scruff of their necks at 10.30 amid the protests that they want to stay a little longer outside.  We should be having barbecues and parties and rejoicing the long evenings.  Instead,  we have been wrapping ourselves up in extra layers of clothing, putting on the central heating or lighting the fire, looking out languidly and loathingly at the rain, curling up reluctantly with a book and generally feeling sorry for ourselves.

So, If there is anyone up there looking over us,  please  give us the summer we’re supposed to have.  I don’t mind a few drops of rain falling on my head especially if you have put a drug into it.  But enough is enough.


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