Sweet Sweet Dream

Surely everyone has a dream that they dreamt once, a dream worth keeping in their heart or mind, filed away  for a rainy day; a dream that they can call upon in their  hour of need; a rescue remedy for when the blues hit; a “pick me up” when they’re feeling down; something to cling to for comfort; a dream that offers hope when darkness is looming; a dream that inspires them to keep going when their confidence is shattered; when hopelessness and helplessness hinder their thinking the dream comes to their side.  Surely everyone will take refuge in such a dream.

Well, she did.  She doesn’t know when she dreamt the dream only that it was a long time ago and she has recalled  it several times since to bask in its warm glow, to feel its protection around her.  There are many details of the dream that have faded away and each time she calls upon it it is different but the essence remains the same.  She wonders why she had needed  to escape in the first place and why she couldn’t just have just run away and why she needed to go upwards in order to get out of wherever she was.  The fact is, that something vibrated under her feet, stirred the air and propelled her up about 6 feet over the ground.  When she recalls this part she can still feel the unsteadiness of not having her two feet planted firmly on the ground, how it made her feel uneasy and how she needed to find the delicate balance between centring herself and finding her new equilibrium on the one hand and “letting go”, allowing and trusting the air to be her new guide on the other .”Steady on” she thought, “this is way out of your comfort zone”.  She needed to come back to dry land finding comfort in its solidness once again.

Then she felt that if she had risen into the air before she could do it again and this time she mananged it with a lot more ease and confidence and steadiness.  Another 6 feet and another 6 feet and before long she was hovering at 30 feet.  She could land on the roofs of nearby houses if she wanted to but instead she wandered over towards the trees  among the birds and foliage.  Looking down everything on the ground seemed so small, so insignificant and so non-threatening.  She cast her glance upwards.  The sky was the limit.  Oh Sweet freedom! She became almost drunk with elation and began to flit around like a butterfly doing somersaults in the air.  Flying in among the fluffy clouds she found out that they were seeping with moisture and decided that it was not for her and descended .  She concentrated on a point way over yonder and decided to go there.  In an instant the distance was covered .  Up  she soared in the air, backward flip, down 20 feet, all in a jiffy. Up and up and up and down and down and down and here and there.

But she was careful not to go too high.  After all, the air gets thinner up there and she might lack oxigen and even faint. No, it was best to stay close enough to land.  That was her resting place, where she would eventually come back to.  No need to go too far from home.  And she found solace in the knowing that she could go as far away as she wanted; no one dictated to her, only herself .

Each time she takes this dream out of storage and lets it play for her again she soars higher and higher and ventures further and further away but she always comes back. So now when she needs to seek refuge in this dream, she goes somewhere where she wont be disturbed and lets it shine on her. .  And when she comes back she’s smiling once again, peace in her heart  and lots of joy to spare .  She knows  how lucky she is to have such a gift of a dream.


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