Its always difficult to say goodbye to someone  you care about but its almost as difficult to say goodbye to things that you once had and cherished.

The other day I lost my homeopathy kit which I’ve had for at least ten years.  It just vanished into thin air, without a trace.  I keep thinking about it and “missing” it.  Isn’t that the strangest?   We should just let things go when they get lost and see it as a sign.  Easier said than done.

Another item that I was sorry to see go recently and which Mauricio made as a once off item was this sun dial clock.   Its quite an endearing little piece.  It’s not quite the same though when something  leaves your possession for another person’s.  He made it in order to sell it so it wasn’t lost.   I think he should make more of them and that way we can have them “get lost”  all the time.

 In the meantime, If anyone sees a green box with homeopathy written on it somewhere, and it’s looking for a home, send it our way.  I’m not quite ready to say goodbye just yet.


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