ImageThe bluebells are fast fading up in Charleville woods, I’m so sorry to say.  They lingered on for a long time this year bringing joy to many a heart.  It’s funny how they gradually die back, their time done for yet another year.

I feel they mark the passing of time, they serve as a reminder that all things come and go in cycles.  Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.  But knowing all this doesn’t make it any easier to bid the bluebell adieu.  I get a knot in my tummy thinking that they have gone and won’t return until next year. What if there isn’t a “next year”.  Some of us will never see the bluebells again.

Oh!! But I’m getting all morbid when I should be very happy with the  promise of long and lovely evenings and lazy days of sunshine not to mention all the flowers, both wild and cultivated, that will appear from now on.  Shortly we’ll have the rhododendrons that flourish so sucessfully here in Charleville woods.  And I shudder a little upon thinking about the poppies that will come out in full force come July and adorn the higways and byways of Ireland.  And then in August or maybe before that we can look forward to a feast of fire from the Montbretia.  By the end of August we can be busy picking blackberries and before that even strawberries and rasberries.  Sure Life’s a feast of good and wonderful things

So bluebell, thank you for waking up the summer in us and for staying around so long this year.  We’ll meet again sometime after the snowdrops and daffodils next year and you, the cowslips, the wild garlic and lesser celandine and the primrose can all hang out together.  But you’ll be the most stunning of them all.


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