lacking inspiration. Help me Mauricio.

I’m kind of going through a “dry” period;  “dry” in that I can’t think what to blog about and its now about 5 days since I last blogged.  I’m having withdrawal symptons, getting a little nervous, a little afraid that maybe I’ll never be able to blog again.

Most of the times, I look to Mauricio’s photos for inspiration,   a little bit of a starting point,  a topic perhaps.  To date, any photos I use on my blogs are all taken by him.  All photos on our website are his too.  He’s not happy unless he has a chance to take some photos.  But Im waiting for him to download some of his latest photos from his camera in order for me to have a look at them.  I’m living in hope that these next lot of photos will inspire me.  He certainly took enough of them yesterday.

Yesterday, we went on the Clara Bog Walk with some friends and he was always behind, camera up to the eye, leaning over some ditch or other, zooming in on some details that the rest of us, too busy talking, had ignored or failed to notice the existence of.  His back must have been killing him last night, he was always so stooped over some thing or other, trying to change the angle of the subject in question, trying to see it from a different perspective.  At one stage I thought we had lost him to a bog hole but, no!, he emerged unscathed and eyes popping out of his head with elation.   Of course, he was also taking photos of us when we were “unaware”.  I’m sure I’ll be pretty unhappy about some of the photos of myself and will insist that he delete them.  But to be fair to him, he does capture the moment and the essence of the event so well.  I can’t wait to see what gems he’ll come up with.  And hopefully I’ll find somthing in among these photos to set  me blogging once again.


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