This was part of my birthday present  recently from Mauricio and our two boys, Miguel and Shane.  The legs were made out of the iron frame of an old bed, lying about in our garden for the last few years, which Shane cut to size.   The slab of stone serving as table top was also hanging about the garden for a couple of years.  Miguel sanded it and varnished it.  Of course all this was overseen by Mauricio.

And the very bottom shelf is made of slate which probably wasn’t hanging around the garden for too long because we are constantly using slate and therefore it doesn’t “hang around” too long.  And the mat and floweres which were also part of the pressie were neither recycled nor handmade but contributed to the overal “wow” of the moment.  Thanks Lads.  I love it!!!!

There were even more pots of flowers but they formed part of the other half of my present, which I will blog about another time because it also merits writing about

A friend of ours recently asked me why we have written on our brochure that we use recycled materials instead of stating that we use recycled slate and I wasn’t able to answer him.  Not until I put the question to Mauricio did it make sense.  Mauricio’s answer was that he wants to be able to use whatever recycled material it occurs to him to use when ever or how ever he wants and having it written on our brochure and on our website in a way gives him permission to do so.


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