a slice of wilderness

It’s no wonder that the county of wicklow is called the garden of Ireland.  Even now, when all the buds are reluctant to come out and vegetation is tardy and sluggish in most of the country, Wicklow abounds in lusciousness and exoticism.

These friends had a party at their lovely house at the weekend to celebrate both their 40ths.  They live one side of a river and his parents live the other side, each having a sizeable site so between them both they own quite a lot of land.  But what’s truly wonderful about where they live is the wildness and a wonderful sense of isolation .  They have left a lot of their land as mother nature intended it to be.  And the result?  Well its like a slice of wilderness.  I was reminded of being up in the Andes mountains in Chile -maybe not quite as dramatic but on a mini scale.

So dear friends, I know you invited us back and that we’ll be welcome anytime we want to go.  We will definitely take you up on your offer.  The next time we’ll bring our tent and lay it down somewhere near that river.  And we’ll put up a hammock or two between some tree or another and stretch out there with a book.  Later we’ll go off in search of wood and make a great big fire and sit around pondering and wondering at the flames.  And we might even cook some sausies on a stick or/and marsh mallows.  A midnight swim, perhaps, if we feel up to the freezing cold water.   And if any of us has brought a guitar a little bit of a sing song would be nice.  So friends, if you don’t mind sharing we will have a little piece of that slice of wilderness sometime this summer.  We promise we will leave it as we find it; unspoilt, untamed and free.


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