lovely long evenings in the garden

Isn’t it great to see a stretch in the evenings.  And wasn’t yesterday evening such a stunner.  I love where we live on evenings such as that.  At 6.30 I was prepared to settle down for the evening getting the supper ready and putting on the fires when Mauricio put a halt to my step.  How could I refuse an ice cold G & T, a gentle shove out the door was all I needed.  Out with the sun chairs and off we went to the back of the house where we enjoy the most wonderful view of the oak trees growing in the field which stretches for almost a mile down to the wall of charleville estate.  The cows were on their way back to wherever they go at night after drinking their fill from the water trough. The last one of them slightly running to catch up with the others for fear she might get lost.

There was a general air of activity around Charleville.  It’s funny how little time it takes people to react to the warm summer evening.  Joggers were out, walkers, tree huggers, mothers, fathers with their children came out in droves, lovers walking the lane down to the castle,  football game going on in the field adjacent to ours, teenagers flolicking under the king oak forgetting  about their mobile phones for a change.

And there was great heat in that sun even at 6.30 in the evening.  We just soaked it up and those drinks went down so well.  So much so, that another one ensued. All chores put on hold to cherish this precious moment.  Our hearts were delighted.  And another wonderful thing was that the garden was actually in good shape.  All the flower beds, the vegtable patch, the fruit tree area and the glass house  were all weeded and the grass recently cut so we could actually enjoy the garden instead of dreading all the work that normally needs to be done.

If there is a heaven on earth then its in our wee garden on a sunny summer evening.

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