We’re Open!!!

Here at Heartworks we really want you to know that we’re open.  So much so, that we have made the “we’re open” sign twice just in case you don’t see it.  Now that’s dedication to the public for you!!!.

All joking aside, we love visitors.  Not just for their business, (although that helps) but also for their welcome comments about our work.  It’s always nice to receive a compliment and even opinions about how we can do it better. So if any of you out there are passing by, maybe on your way up to see the bluebells in charleville forest (stunningly beautiful) don’t hesitate to call in.  And if, for some reason, the door is closed or there’s no one in the workshop, you can call in next door to the house. We won’t bite.  And if you’re lucky there might even be a cup of coffee/tea in it. And if Tullamore is too far away there’s always our  website –  www.heartworks.ie



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