the big five Oh-No

It’s one thing reaching the forties but its quite another when you hit the half century mark. It was easy back 10 years ago, you felt on top of the world, untouchable, mature (enough).  Life was relatively uncomplicated, all things sorted out.  Lots of energy, no pains or aches, feeling good about yourself.


Not that your life is a mess now; it’s just that you don’t feel quite so complacent or so comfortable in your zone.  For instance,  you’e not quite so confident of the results of those recent medical exams you went for .  You’re not so hot, at least you don’t think so.  Stiffness creeping into them joints.  A glass of wine too many can set you back for days, must get your beauty sleep every night or you’ll be cranky the next day.


Have I got you right?  I wouldn’t know.  I’m just turned thirty.  The clock has managed to go backwards for me.  So in another ten year’s time I’ll be sweet twenty.  Yipeee!!!! Roll on the years!!!


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