a gaggle of geese.

My father, God rest his soul, was always afraid of geese and he ended up being buried next to a field full of them.  Mind you, they couldn’t touch him then, not when he was 6 foot under.  Then along came the tullamore by-pass and cut the geese off from the cemetery so he can now surely rest in peace.

I can’t say I blame him either for his fear.  They, geese, can be troublesome and feisty sometimes, espcially the males when there are females around to show off to.  They have so much to prove to the fairer sex so whenever they can “seem” to be gallant and strong and show off their bravery they do so.  Along comes an unsuspecting human and they come at them, wings as if ready for take off, and the high pitched deafening screech that they produce, it’s enough to set anyone fleeing in the opposite directions, running for their life.

So although the term gaggle of geese might get a good giggle, they are fearsome creatures to be avoided.  But remember this, it’s only all an act with them.  They are just as afraid of you as you are of them.  And if instead of escaping from them, you were to stand your ground and even feign attack, it’s them that would be running a mile leaving their poor female featherd friends to fend for themselves


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