Is it ever going to rain again?  That’s what a lot of us are wondering? It’s a phrase on the tip of many a tongue, on our lips, but we daren’t utter it out of a vague sense of guilt or inappropriateness.  After all, we, irish,  loathe our dampness, we curse every single wet day that comes along.  The only reason we dont go out en masse and do a rain dance is that we dont see ourselves as north american indians and therefore it would be inappropriate (there’s that word again).

But the truth of the matter is that we could do with a bit of rain right now.  It hasn’t rained for at least two weeks and this is the time of year when we’re planting potatoes, carrots, peas, lettuce and whatnots and the soil is getting parched.

So dare I say it.  Where are you rain?  Pour your lovely moisture on us, just for a day and then go back to Spain or wherever it is you go when you’re not here with us.  Just for a day, mind!!!


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