Dirty Rubbish-throwing People

Dirty Rubbish-throwing People

People who throw rubbish on the ground in public places are dirty and should be caught out and fined heavily, and made a public disgrace of.  That would teach them.

I live in a beautiful place, charleville Estate, Tullamore, Co. Offaly which has woodlands and open space combined  and a castle thrown in for good measure, It’s such a wonderful amenity for the town of Tullamore.  The castle (www.charlevillecastle.com) is breathtakingly awesome, surrounded by some of the finest Oak, Lime, Ash and Beech trees.  Wildlife is plentiful here with fallow deer roaming freely, red squirrels abound as far as i can see, and althought I’ve never seen them there are badgers.  I know this because sometimes my dog comes back from his wanderings with the smell of badger pooh on him.  You can smell him first and then 2 minutes later he comes around the corner happy out.   At this time of year the bluebells start to come out and pretty soon there will be a psychedelic purple/blue  carpet covering the ground in the woods and you will think that you have taken some mind altering ellixir or drug and you will not know whether to laugh or cry with joy at the sight.  Later on the wild garlic will fight its way up through this carpet and there will be intermittent patches of white everywhere not to mention the pungent smell of this fine allium ursinum.  

How anyone can come to this lovely spot and wittingly dump their rubbish in among the trees, leave behind their dirty nappies on the grass, throw their empty fast food cartons and fizzy drink cups on the paths, recklessly strew their empty beer cans or bottles  under the five-hundred-year-old king oak tree is beyond me.  Shame on them!!!




One response to “Dirty Rubbish-throwing People

  1. Wholeheartedly agree, It always amazes me that such a beautiful place as Charleville can be used so much , without charge or hindrance as the only real park in Tullamore ( although it is private property) and be treated with such disrepect by those who use it. Sweet wrappers, nappies, beer cans. The people who do this should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and yes , shown up in public.

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