slate spatula? I dont think so.


One of my favourite kitchen utensils has got to be the spatula.  The other day I was making a cheese cake, the fake one with the jelly.  So here I was, cutting up the flabby block of jelly into pieces and melting it in a little amount of boiling water.  Here’s where the spatula comes in handly.  Because the jelly was so thick and syrupy (because there’s more sugar than anything else),  The spatula got in there and cleaned out every single bit of jelly.  I could nearly have put the bowl away.  Then that jelly had to join the cream cheese and cream and yes, more sugar and it all got whipped together.  So here’s where the spatula comes in again.  All that yummy, creamy stuff had to get out of its bowl and onto the base of digestive biscuits.  Another bowl could have been put away without washing.  That spatula found every last bit of the delectable substance.

Now I normally write about slate in my blogs so I was wondering how to give heartworks and slate a mention in this post.  And then it occurred to me to imagine a spatula made out of slate.  No doubt Mauricio would give it a try but it simply would not work out.  Spatulas have to be pliable and slate isn’t pliable.  So heartworks should stick to what it does best; clocks, mirrors and picture frames and leave the spatula to a more suitable material like plastic or whatever it is they’re made of.





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