waste not want not

A friend of ours came to our house today to get some unwanted left over slate from us .  He is going to break it up into fine pieces and then put it on his great grandparents graves.  It’s nice to know that none of the slate we use here at heartworks( www.heartworks.ie) gets wasted.  We use it to put on the pathways around the house helping to keep down weeds.   In our vegtable garden we have put down broken up slate around the edges to give definition to where the garden starts and where the path ends.  It might even contribute to keeping slugs away.  (Although I have another theory- it gives them (slugs) more places to hide) We’ve even filled up potholes  on the road near the house with slate and with great result.   With  a little imagination we could find even more ways to use up our unwanted slate pieces.  I must put my thinking cap (which is not made of slate) on !!!


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