old versus new

Mauricio’s work (heartworks) has been tried and found guilty of  being a little “passé” by some people.  Others have accused him of straying from the path of  “classiness” with his use of more vibrant colours instead of sticking to the bronze effect that is his trademark.   Me, I like both.  Why not have two lines; the classic look and the modern look

Check out the “fishes” clock” (by clicking on the link below) which Mauricio made for the last RDS christmas craft fair.  It really was very popular.   Its an example of some of his new stuff.  But he is sticking to the old style as well as experimenting with more colourful themes going into the future.  I think there will be interesting pieces on the way.



One response to “old versus new

  1. I think the work has always been amazing and the great thing about art is that you can change it however you like. I think the new art like the fish clock breaks away from the classic slate but this is not a bad thing. Its fresh!

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